January 13, 2013

January 13th Links

I have been hard at work on new posts but nothing is finished yet. Instead, here are a few articles I enjoyed recently.

Thomas Frank with a sharp critique of the Occupy Wall Street movement and its "lazy libertarianism" in The Baffler.
Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone and two writers at The Atlantic write about how badly we have failed to fix our financial system.
Fascinating history-of-ideas comparison of finance and art.
A Jacobiner article from last summer about work and the politics of labor.
[technical] Steve Keen wrote an excellent article this week on modeling dynamic systems.
[lots of econ jargon but not actually technical] The emminent Robert Solow on the sorry state of macroeconomics--back in 2003.
Labor Markets
NELP makes an important point about current labor woes in the USA.
[technical] Important paper from the NBER looking at whether employment is structural or cyclical. (NBER access required; email me if you want a copy.)
A depressing take on the economics and politics of agrculure in the USA from Washington Monthly.

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